Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I suspect that the next new big leap in science will have to do with information.

I suspect that the hundreds of definitions of Information could be unified somehow.

I suspect that hard-sciences-based approaches (those relying on mathematics, physics, computer science, logic, etc.) do not capture the real essence of information. I suspect that soft-sciences-based approaches (those relying on philosophy, semiotics, ethology, Gregory Bateson, memetics, etc.) do not allow formal (i.e., scientific) reasoning.

I'd like to do some work on this. I'm writing a book. Well, I'd like to be writing a book, but I'm too entangled with buro/admin/teaching/etc. stuff at my university. But if I were writing that book, it would be a sort of overview of all the different approaches to information, ranging from hard sciences approaches to more soft sciences ones. Plus something about a(nother) definition of information, published some time ago.

In Italian we say "A dream in a drawer": something that one would really like to do but it is hanging on by now. Maybe one day...


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