Monday, 26 November 2007

First post: magna magna?

Yes, I'll be blogging too. Sometimes in Italian, sometimes in English, well, sort of: call it Tarzan's English, or Official Language Of Science (Bad English), ... let's say English-ish.

I'll blog about university life, my students, politics, social life, Web, my family, everything. I'm not looking for any answer, because I already know the answer (yes, 42). I just blog to see how it is.

The title of this blog, "È tutto un magna magna", needs no explanation for people knowing me, nor for Italian speakers, but requires some work to be understood by English speakers, and it will deserve some post(s) in the future. Briefly, "è" means "it is", "tutto" means "everything" and "magna" means "to eat", so literally it would sound like "Everything is an eat eat", which is somehow senseless but hints at the deep, perhaps fatalistic, perhaps pessimistic, probably realistic philosophy behind it: often people think about their own interests, and often even what might seem an altruistic or ethic behavior is just a not-so-obvious way to gain or not to lose something - for a single person or for a lobby/class/group. And this is a quite common behavior, and everybody knows that, and everybody gains ("eats") from that.


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