Monday, 2 February 2009


I've been participating to an interesting workshop last week. The highlight of the workshop, from my own personal standpoint, was a work meeting I had with other colleagues during the last evening. Here is the record.

The discussion was driven by the Conversational menu (thanks Gloria):

(which also has a back - more understandable later, perhaps)

The main characters (sorry for the low quality of the photos, but as you know the iPh*ne is good for several things, including a decent network connectivity, but not good in taking photos in low light conditions):
  • Enrico, pretending to drink tea while linking Italian university situation with the ontological status of the wave functions in quantum physics:

  • Joe, involved in deep discussion about the hidden relationship between written and spoken Gaelic
  • Matus, devising a useless but novel system to evaluate the quality of Grappa pinot nero on the basis of drinker's judgments and their reputation
  • Jim, complaining about network connectivity ("Oh if I only had go*gle here, I could understand this wave function ontological stuff...")
  • A mistaken photo The wave function.
  • Someone enjoying grappa - and oh yes paying attention to the wave function as well.


Jim Law said...

Thanks Stefano! It was definitely one of the high points of the workshop for me too. -Jim

escalas said...

Thanks also from me! It is interesting to remark that I was not drinking grappa. - Enrico